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One of the things I see most often when talking to people about how to beat a Seattle traffic ticket, is a hesitancy to know the information they need to be successful, almost like they are doing something wrong. For example, as a Seattle traffic lawyer, I feel like everyone should know that they shouldn't talk to police officers or give them any information that could be used against them in court later. Everyone should also know that they shouldn't take field sobriety tests or portable breath tests either. But what happens so often is that people make the wrong decision, partly because of police coercion, and partly because they don't know any better.

To begin, let me point out one thing - even though police officers have guns and try to give off an air of being supremely confident and tough, 99% of their job is winging what they are doing. And 100% of their job is trying to get you to talk so they don't have to do any real investigating or put together a real case. Think about that the next time you talk to an officer. Always remain polite, but don't take what they say as God's word or feel physically or emotionally pressured by what they say. At the end the day they might be able to arrest you, but they aren't allowed to physically hurt you (and as long as you remain respectful that shouldn't happen).

So, the message of today is to not be afraid to stand up to the police and assert your rights, and not to feel ashamed by wanting to learn or actually learning about your constitutional rights and how to exercise them. One way to look at it is this - the police don't tell you any information until they have to. They can lie to your face. They can intimidate you and prey on your weaknesses. And you can fight your Seattle traffic ticket by knowing exactly what they can and can't do.

If you are pulled over and given a Seattle traffic ticket, don't wait, call Seattle traffic attorneys today. They will work hard for you and will fight to beat your traffic citation.

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