Seattle Traffic Lawyer | How to Whip a Traffic ticket

Traffic tickets and other speeding infractions are by far the most infuriating things that can occur to you on a day by day basis. Not only do they take up your time with speeding court, but they influence your wallet with fines and court costs. But it doesn't have to be all terrible. It is possible to beat a speeding ticket, under the correct situations (and with a good Seattle traffic lawyer. You just have to discern what to glimpse for and how to conduct yourself, and you can beat your speeding ticket.

After you get to your house, nonetheless, you are going to have this infraction staring you correct in the face. And at that very instant, you have four choices: pay the ticket (plead guilty); fight the infraction in writing (inscribe in your justification of why you suppose you should not be cited with a traffic violation); mitigation hearing (acknowledge that you were incorrect but ask for a reduction in the payment); or fight the hearing in court. Before we decide on what to do, let's glance at these choices on the Traffic Attorney Seattle Blog.

First, paying the fine out-and-out. That is only impractical. I don't really have anything to say apart from that you should maybe never do that. Ever. Never ever.

Second, written contest. You should recognize deep down that you have no way of winning with a written contest. The judge will look at the ticket with the cop's remarks, glimpse at your scribble, and order you to pay the fine. This is only a system for the Court to make you feel like you've been heard. I've never heard of any person who ever won a infraction this technique.

Third, mitigation. Forget about it. It is not worth it. And in any event, you can usually roll up a mitigation appeal into your contested hearing. Which gets us to the only option there is.

Contest the infraction. But, consider that you only have so much time to do so. In Seattle, Washington, for instance, the deadline is 15 days following the ticket has been issued to request a contested hearing. If you don't, then you lose. This is the method to have the finest likelihood of beating your speeding infraction. Worry about the details later.

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