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As a Seattle traffic lawyer, you hear a lot of weird stories. This one out of Grant County is pretty weird, and just goes to show what a little stress and bad decision making can do to someone's night, and someone's career.

From the story in the Seattle Times, it appears the Grant County corner and his second in command got in an argument about who would cover the weekend shifts of the upcoming fourth of July weekend. They were in the car, and as the fight escalated (it didn't get physical), the second in command wanted to get out of the car and asked to be let out of the car. The coroner refused, and drove the second in command home, some 30 to 60 minutes away from where the allege incident took place. Once the coroner let the second in command out, she called the cops and he was arrested for unlawful imprisonment, a Class C felony, punishable by up to 90 days in jail. At the time the story was printed he didn't yet have a criminal defense attorney.

This story, although comical in some ways (he took the second in command home and was arrested for unlawful imprisonment) it just goes to show you what can happen if a short-sighted decision is made. As his Seattle traffic lawyer I would have counseled him to just let the second in command out of the car. But the fact that he drover her to her house sheds some light on the lower severity of his actions (and the fact that there was no physical contact despite what appears to be a heated exchange of words).

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